I had an intensive with Tami, and it was so incredibly healing. Literally like a massage for the soul. I wish I had her at my house every night to do her energy work on our entire family before bed! I was really, really stressed and it was physically impacting my health. Within minutes, it disappeared. Since working with her, I've managed to bring in thousands of dollars into my business, and look at things from a solution-oriented viewpoint rather than a woe-is- me standpoint. You won't regret working with her.

~ Kathy


Prior to working with Tami I felt that I had all the tools and drive to advance my career into a senior leadership position, but I struggled to convey that message effectively. Tami focused on improving my communication skills to realize my potential and helped me find my voice. As I began to notice improvements in my communication, my confidence increased and she helped show me I was ready for the next level.

Tami got me to step outside of my comfort zone and take on new challenges to expand my experience and skillset. After working with Tami, I have taken on a management role that I didn't think I was ready for before, but now have the confidence to succeed. I have increased my leadership responsibilities, title, and salary, a true testament to Tami's mentorship. 

~ Sean



I came to Tami to work on my communication skills and to figure out what was holding me back in my career. In just a couple sessions I was able to transform what had been an extremely difficult relationship at work into a beautiful friendship and working relationship. Tami showed me how understanding communication skills as well as looking at this person in a different way and letting go of the competition with them would allow me to let go of the resentment I had towards this person.

I have not only been able to transform this relationship but I have also now been seen as a leader in this area because I stepped up and resolved this conflict. 

Tami has also helped me realized that a past work experience had a major impact on my current job. She gave me tools to help release this past experience so that I could move forward and not be in constant fear of being let go again. It has been freeing to let go of the past so that I can focus on my future.

~ Darlene


I came to my coaching session with Tami feeling a fog of confusion.  I had both personal and health difficulties and was feeling despair, fear and uncertainty.   Tami helped me to dive deep and really explore my feelings and get clear about what is most important to me.   Tami was able to connect my current reality with experiences that had happened in my childhood and this brought clarity and a sense of freedom.  

Tami also did energy work with me around the blocks that I have which are causing me difficulties.  I immediately felt a sense of calm, but more significant was the change I felt the next day.  When I woke, I had complete clarity about what I had to do, enabling me to make decisions (that had previously troubled me) with ease.

~ Josie 



My experience coaching with Tami was like a breaking open and releasing of old fears. They kept me hiding from what I said I wanted. After just a few sessions I was able to express clearly and with confidence who I wanted to serve. Tami showed me how past experiences created blocks to my progress and I was able to release those blocks and go the next level.  Thanks so much Tami, I am forever grateful!

~ Danette


2017 was a whirlwind of a year with a couple of personal challenges unexpectedly thrown my way.  In my heart I was considering a life coach, however, I didn't know which direction to go or who to go for that matter.  To my surprise, I saw Tami Jaffe's special October birthday offer for a free consult and won! In our initial consult, I wanted to discuss how I recently left my corporate job and needing coaching and guidance on my career path.  In our first conversation, it came up that I also had been trying to conceive without any luck for almost a year and how this had been affecting me.   2017 for me was dealing with a horrible situation in my corporate role and deciding to leave, figuring out my career path and trying to conceive.  

Tami worked with me on these issues and addressing my negative patterns, blocks and uncovered issues from the past that were coming up in my present.  From our time I was able to understand my negative patterns and blocks and truly see how I was getting in my own way.  In my sessions with Tami she always exhibited compassion, trust, and faith in me.  There was a moment when I was exhibiting a negative pattern in our conversation and right in the moment she addressed it in a loving way.  From my sessions with Tami we created affirmations for me to say to change my mindset and energy around my current life challenges.  

Shortly, after working with Tami I accepted a job offer that is aligned with my career goals and know my time with her contributed to this!  I am still encountering issues with trying to conceive and recently learned I will need to do IUI or IVF.  I know with Tami's coaching I will be able to go through this trying to conceive journey with confidence and a healthy mindset.

I highly recommend working with Tami as she has a compassionate coaching style that addresses issues and sets you on your path of living the life you are intended to have.  I know I am forever changed and completely view my life, relationships and goals in a new and beautiful way.

~ Kimberly


I had an intensive with Tami that opened me up and helped me realize that I shouldn’t be limiting myself and my options for the next step in my career.  Tami showed me the value that I could bring to any company and I have landed a job in an area that I have been wanting to work in.  Tami is really gifted at reading people and encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone.  I am so glad that I did.

~ Sabrina

In the back of my mind, I knew that my struggles with my family were preventing me from moving forward emotionally. It’s something that I kept to myself, but in my quiet moments, I would feel heaviness in my heart and a longing to reconcile.

Going into my session with Tami, I did my best not to have any expectations. Truthfully, I thought maybe I would have a little bit of energy or some relief from work stress I had been having. What happened during our session was a miracle. I experienced profound forgiveness for my family. Even more so, the daily headaches that I was suffering with, went away as soon as our session ended. These headaches had been plaguing me for years.

Now, when I pick up the phone to call my family, I do so with a light heart. The forgiveness that I experience is lasting and positive. My perspective has changed, and I view my family with far more compassion than I did before the session.

You may not know what you’re actually going to find when working with Tami, but I promise the shifts are phenomenal. It still takes my breath away when I think about what I experienced during our time. When I share the story with people, I see other people become emotional about my experience.

Tami has a gift. I am so grateful for our session and can’t imagine having to still carry around the weight of past hurt. She relieved something in me that I had been holding onto for so long. I didn’t know how much it was really plaguing me until she helped me let it go. It was an absolute miracle!

~ Rebecca


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